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DSL Slides from GR8 Groovy Conference

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Has it really been a year since I posted here?  Time to catch up.

I presented on the topic of DSLs at the GR8 Conference in Minneapolis during July.

As always, you can find the slides up on Slideshare:

Turtle Graphics in Groovy featuring the Napili program that I’ve blogged about here.

Groovy in the Cloud was a talk about what I actually do for a living, it was a refreshing change to actually be able to discuss it.

While the GR8 Conference was interesting, what really caught my attention was a talk entitled Grails for Hipsters – it was a pretty wide survey of the current state of web development.

All I can say is, wow, have things changed. In only three years, pretty much the entire landscape of web development has completely transformed.

Partly inspired by that talk, I attended The HTML5 Developer’s Conference in San Francisco in October. While phrases like “blew my mind” are certainly overdone, my mind was utterly blown.

More on that in my next blog entry. After a couple years of DSL work, it’s time to revisit the Web.


Written by jamesgdriscoll

December 7, 2013 at 10:45 AM

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