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Jim Driscoll is a senior Engineer at Oracle, working on the Groovy integration with ADF’s model layer, ADFm.  He’s especially interested in DSLs, and the creation of languages with simple techniques.

Jim has over 30 years (yikes!) experience in computer software, but then, he started when he was still 12. He’s programmed computers for the US Air Force, a now-defunct systems integrator, and a medium sized hardware vendor before joining Sun’s JavaSoft division in 1996, and then Oracle’s ADF team in 2010.

At Sun / JavaSoft, Jim worked on the fondly remembered Java Web Server, including the first version of Servlets. Inexplicably entering management, Jim managed the first J2EE reference implementation core group, the oddly named Web Services developer pack, and a variety of Web and XML technologies, as well as leading the efforts behind (and naming!) the open sourcing of Sun’s application server, GlassFish.  Again blessedly back at the keyboard coding, Jim then spent about 2 years primarily working on Ajax technologies at Sun before being acquired by Oracle.


Written by jamesgdriscoll

September 9, 2009 at 7:28 PM

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